Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Unnata Aerial Yoga (and Why You Might, Too)!

Of course as the creator of Unnata Aerial Yoga, I’m going to be a bit biased. Nevertheless, my passion for the practice is still strong even 17 years later! Let me share with you why…

There’s so much to love about aerial yoga in general – the warm, comforting sensation of being wrapped in your own cocoon, the ability to practice deep backbends without strain, the awesome core workout which makes you feel strong and capable…

How is it possible to ask for more?

Believe it or not, most yoga aficionados will tell you there actually is more to a yoga practice than the physical sensations, no matter how wonderful they may be! All of the postures and movements in a yoga class are meant to also direct the body’s energy, and train the mind.

To this regard, yoga is actually much more of a whole-person practice than what many other movement modalities and sports are aiming for.

And, this leads me to my first top reason why I love Unnata Aerial Yoga…

— 1 —

Unnata teachers are passionate about yoga, specifically.

In Unnata classes, yoga comes first, and everything we do with the hammock supports the study of classic yoga in some way. In fact, all Unnata teachers were already certified to teach classic yoga before they were trained how to teach aerial yoga. This demonstrates Unnata teachers’ genuine curiosity, love, and enduring interest in the entirety of yoga. Your Unnata Aerial Yoga class will always be both a work out for the body, and a work in for the mind, with the breath conversing between the two.

Because YOGA is at the heart of everything Unnata, my second top reason for loving Unnata Aerial Yoga logically follows…

— 2 —

Unnata teachers know how to teach to the whole person.

When Unnata teachers enroll into our teacher training program, of course they learn how to weave use of the yoga hammock into a traditional yoga class. But in addition, course leaders also demonstrate how to use the yoga hammock to teach yoga philosophy, ways to shape the breath, and techniques to focus the mind.

And, top reason #3 for why I love Unnata Aerial Yoga is…

— 3 —

The Unnata method has over 15 years of study behind it.

Unnata Aerial Yoga as it was taught on day 1 looks dramatically different from today’s Unnata Aerial Yoga! The method was born from several sound theories of hatha yoga, then modified and developed as I learned what average students could accomplish, how quickly their skills could improve, what worked to settle their breath and focus the mind, and what eventually proved to be distractions.

Now more than 15 years later, I and my team of experienced Unnata teachers continue to focus and fine-tune the Unnata method, how it is practiced and taught. As students continue to evolve, the Unnata method will fit their needs every step of the way.

And, there you have it! My top 3 reasons why I love Unnata Aerial Yoga and its embrace of a classic, whole-person yoga practice. I hope you’ll join me in a class, soon, so that you can fall in love, too!

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