TV News Around the World

Since its inception in 2006, Unnata Aerial Yoga has been featured in television news around the world; here in the USA, Russia, Japan, France, Brazil, Holland, India and more. Highlights include a feature on NBC’s 1st Look NY, a live remote broadcast on Japanese NTV’s long-running daily morning show, Zoom In!! SUPER, a segment feature on the La Matinale morning program in France, and a feature by MSN/Kashi cereal called a Practical Guide to Healthier Living! 

RUSSIA / Russian TV

Evening News (July 2021)

MSN Health & Fitness / KASHI Cereal

Practical Guide to Healthier Living (2010)

JAPAN / Nippon Television

Woman on the Planet (Feb 2013)

FRANCE / Canal +

La Matinale (Nov 2006)


1st Look NY (Sept 2008)


New York Streets (Jan 2008)

JAPAN / Nippon Television

Saturday Value Fever (Dec 2007)

JAPAN / Nippon Television

Zoom In!! SUPER (Aug 2007)

USA / Current_TV Current Trend

Yoga Acrobatics (Feb 2007)

USA / Reuters

Aerial Yoga (Feb 2007)

BRAZIL / Nacao Yoga

Lygia Lima (Nov 2007)


Hoe Word Ik Een New Yorkse Vrouw? (2007)

JAPAN / Fuji TV Network

Mezamashi TV (Nov 2006)

INDIA / Voice of America

Unnata Aerial Yoga

American Express

AMEX Commercial