Guided Practice Recordings

Relax your mind and allow yourself to be led through expertly sequenced Unnata Aerial Yoga classes. Each class is a complete yoga practice (inversions, forward & backward bends, twists, etc.) with a unique theme – sometimes playful, sometimes wise, always drawing from an aspect of yoga philosophy to learn a larger life lesson. Classes run approximately one hour in length, and are priced on a sliding scale between $12-$17; you choose the appropriate price for you!

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A note about these video classes

These recordings are from livestream classes originally taught to Unnata teachers and advanced students familiar with the language of Unnata Aerial Yoga -- as a result, some instructions may have been abbreviated. To enjoy these classes fully, and to avoid risk of injury, you should already have a good understanding of Unnata Aerial Yoga foundation positions, and have familiarity with using the yoga hammock in general, especially when upside-down.

Not sure which of these recordings are right for you? Schedule some private time with Michelle to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Ask for the “Guided Practice Recordings” special price reduction.

We’ll tackle aerial yoga challenges such as Handstands, Upside Down Lotus, and Walk-overs after a thorough warm up which focuses on our feet.

Move your energy up to the crown with Sun Salutations inside the hammock, supported balances, and Handstands!

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade! Highlights of this class will include: 2 favorites from the Back Straddle & a cool way to support the Side Plank.

Get a leg up in your yoga practice with this class aimed to help you step higher, and farther.

Learn 6 different versions of sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) which use the yoga hammock in different ways. Additional elements included to round out a complete yoga class.

Enhance, don’t replace, your traditional yoga practice. Explore Handstands, Plow, a forward flip while inside the hammock, AND bring focus inward.

Embrace Life’s Ups & Downs by going all the way from lying flat on the floor to standing up on the hammock. Class includes a vinyasa warm-up, Standing Split, Handstand and more.

Let go of stress through letting stagnation go. Flow through several Sun Salutation-like sequences, and twists & arm balances assisted by the hammock.

Work on your core strength at the same time you establish your core values. Highlights: Plow, Vishvamittrasana, Parsva Sarvangasana.

Inspired by the positive image of the snake who swallows itself to be reborn, we practice backbends while imagining moving our heads closer to our tails.

Nothing could be more simple than the instruction to watch the breath. And yet, nothing could be more challenging for the mind to do. 🙂

We don’t have to start over to work from the Ground Up. We just need to bring grounded energy to the hammock!

Receive extra love from your hammock by both starting and ending class hugged by (inside) the hammock. (Livestream recorded in February)

Everybody loves the way rock and roll makes them feel – energized, and with a free spirit.

Melt those stiff hips with Dragonfly, Cow Face Pose, Standing Split, and a new way to practice Side Bow.

Dig in to a hearty and nutritious meal of strengthening exercises, soothing positions inside the hammock, heart-openers and inversions. Finish with a tasty dessert of Savasana.

Balance the body from head to tail, literally and metaphorically with asanas such as: Wheel, Tree, 2-Legged Staff, and more.

When you create the time to practice yoga, you create a win/win situation – health for your mind AND your body. (Livestream recorded in December)

There are many ways to express gratitude. Let’s explore a few while also stimulating our digestive system. (Livestream recorded in mid-November)

I’m not joking! Or, am I? Highlights of this class include: Bow/Side Bow, Single Ankle Postures, and Postures that use the legs to pull.

We’ll explore numerous flow sequences, Sun Salutations and others, to help you learn how to keep pace with your hectic day while staying calm, & peaceful.

Embrace your inner (our outer) Hipster with an aerial yoga class focused on increasing hip flexibility.

Who needs planks of wood when you can have planks of good? Let me help you fall in love with Plank Pose and all its benefits.

Through building our physical flexibility towards the “splits” (Hanumanasana), we simultaneously can build our “mental flexibility” towards a more positive attitude.

We will practice returning to shapes such as Baddha Konasana, Lunges, and weight on the hands frequently throughout class.

Within the context of a complete, well-rounded class, we’ll explore the qualities of squeeze and release, and playful attitude.

Use the metaphor of swinging to understand how to ride the waves of karma. We’ll also practice Candlestick, Side Bow and Garland Pose.

Make a complete flip to survey your entire surroundings. That way, you’ll have the most amount of information telling you where you truly are in space. So, let’s do some flips, wheels, and more.

Explore symmetrical and asymmetrical poses and how they affect us. Highlights include: “sleeping” pigeon, standing split handstand combo, and locust into chest stand.

Find Stability in body and mind through Asanas that focus on core strength and balance.

Flow-y movements and lateral stretches (think of how a fish swims) will help us gracefully release tension and develop flexibility.

Don’t let the warmer weather and longer days put you into a lazy stupor. Explore handstands, side body strength, and Instagram-worthy lunges/splits. (Livestream recorded in late May)

Stop complicating your life! Practice familiar items such as seated positions inside the hammock. This class also includes rolling into and out of Back Straddle.