The Unnata Method

Unnata Origins

When Michelle Dortignac created Unnata Yoga in 2005, she pioneered a new method of practice using the aerial hammock as a prop to explore yoga more deeply. Aerial Yoga was an instant sensation in the yoga and fitness world and inspired many attempts to emulate this innovative method of movement. Nearly two decades later, Unnata Yoga continues to excel where imitations flop:

One thing remains pure to Unnata... Unnata is Yoga.

Unnata is fundamentally a practice of traditional Yoga that you can experience anywhere – with or without a hammock or other props. 

Innovate Your Yoga

You can explore Unnata Yoga on the floor, suspended in the aerial hammock, seated on your meditation cushion, lying in bed… or doing the dishes. It’s a method that moves with you. 

Unnata is a way of witnessing the world and yourself, and bringing heightened presence to any moment. It’s not a fitness class – Unnata is Yoga.

Whatever form your practice takes, and however experienced you are with yoga, Unnata Yoga will expand your capacity to observe, then release unhelpful patterns for you and your students, like postural misalignment, breath imbalance, mental stress and lack of ease with one’s Self.

As you investigate old tendencies with curious self-compassion, you’ll gain resources to create nuanced change toward an even healthier you. Learn to align your body with greater poise and power, and align your mind with your source of inner wisdom.

With Unnata Yoga, you will rapidly progress on your yogic path, as you awaken insights and breakthroughs in your practice, and your Self.

Expand your understanding of what yoga can be,
and elevate what’s possible from your practice.