Aerial Yoga Magazine, Who Knew?

Hey, did you know there is a whole magazine called, Aerial Yoga? I didn’t. But this summer, the magazine’s founder and creator, Camille, contacted me for an interview. She asked some fantastic questions, and the whole article just came out. It looks really good!

Way back when I started Unnata Yoga, aerial yoga as a yoga method didn’t exist. Yes, some yogis centuries ago hung from trees, and even decades ago yogis began to hang from ropes and hammocks. But all that time, trees, ropes and hammocks were used more as a way to prepare for the yoga asana class, not to be used throughout and as the yoga asana class.

Well, all that changed once aerial yoga captured the general public’s imagination. And, pioneering yoga teachers like myself contributed to the development of what has now (16 years later!) become an entire method for practicing yoga. Aerial yoga classes can be found in almost every city, and there are numerous places to purchase aerial yoga hammocks for at-home use, too.

Fast forward to 2020, and now there’s an online journal called “Aerial Yoga Magazine.”

If you’re interested in reading the interview, or the magazine in general, check them out at:

Or, if you prefer to interview me with your own questions, I periodically host “Ask Me Anything” livestreams. There is one coming up on Sunday, October 16, 2022 at noon (New York City time zone). Feel free to join me!

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