Mina Morrgan

Teacher Training Course Leader

Unnata Training Level 2

Mina is a 500 E-RYT yoga teacher, professional scuba diver and co-founder of No Stress center in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since her teenage years, Mina has been a curious and voracious explorer, researching everything that posed her a challenge and allowed for a deeper connection with the world: from meditation, psychology, philosophy, yoga and various mind-body practices. Since 2010 she has travelled around the world from India to the US and all across Europe both as a student and a teacher seeking knowledge and union.

An eclectic, passionate, straightforward, joyful woman and part time intellectual, her teaching style is clear, light-hearted, creative and she has a nerdy attention to detail. Mina believes that by practicing yoga and especially aerial yoga, we can all awaken the free child that resides deep within us and by doing so we can find the strength to achieve our true potential. If she had to describe herself in one phrase it would be “State of constants change within stillness.”

No Stress Center

Founded in 2012 the No stress center was the first facility to introduce aerial yoga in the region and has since been the home for many modern approaches to body and movement.

Unnata Trained Teacher at No Stress Center:
Mina Morrgan (Studio Owner and Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainer)

Ulica Milana Majcna 29a, Ljubljana, Slovenia