Michelle Dortignac

Teacher Training Course Leader

Unnata Training Level 3

Meet Unnata Yoga’s Creator

Michelle Dortignac approaches her work like an artist constantly refining her creation. As a professional dancer, choreographer, aerialist and yoga teacher, in 2005 she developed and founded Unnata® Aerial Yoga through the spirit of inquisitive self-discovery and yogic evolution.

Michelle continues to expand the Unnata method, drawing from her 30+ years of study, practice and teaching yoga and movement arts. And, she continues to train teachers throughout the world in a precise, and purely Yogic Aerial Yoga methodology.

A Master of Aerial Yoga

Able to demystify complex yogic concepts so that they can be understood and applied in daily life, Michelle trains Unnata teachers how to observe, how to listen, and how to guide students to move beyond their limits and arrive at their own “ah-ha” moments of clarity.

She has trained many of the Aerialists and Yogis offering teacher trainings today. Through steady guidance, visionary direction, and an abiding respect for teachers and students, Michelle has grown Unnata Yoga into a worldwide community of teachers and practitioners, each on their own journey to become a better yogi, and a better human.

Lancaster, PA, USA