Secrets of Unnata Aerial Yoga

Course Leader: Michelle Dortignac
Language: English

Date: Saturday, September 23, 2023
Hours: 11am-2pm (11:00-14:00) Eastern USA time zone (UTC -4)
Location: Online Interactive Livestream Course
Education Investment: $125
Workshop Recording: INCLUDED
Extras: Supporting Materials (pdf) + 2 Guided Classes from our archives (on demand video)
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Can’t make the livestream? Don’t fret! Visit this page to access a recording from the 2022 livestream of this same workshop.

Reinforce the “yoga” in your aerial yoga!

Workshop Overview

Unnata Aerial Yoga is unique within the world of aerial yoga due to its strong connection to classic Hatha yoga. For students, Unnata classes feel like, and generate the same benefits as, traditional yoga classes, despite use of an aerial hammock interwoven throughout. In this 3-hour online workshop, you’ll learn what’s at the heart of the Unnata method, our “special sauce” so to speak, and you’ll learn how to apply it to your own aerial yoga practice and teaching.

What You Will Get Out of This Workshop (Benefits & Goals)

Even if you have very little training in, or experience with Hatha yoga, learning the foundations of the Unnata method will deepen your understanding of classic yoga, and help you highlight yogic qualities in your aerial yoga classes. Enhance and expand what you do with aerial yoga, to maintain your and your students’ focus on establishing inner serenity.

What Is Hatha Yoga, Anyway?

Most people attend yoga classes to improve their physical fitness without realizing the original purpose for the yoga postures. The intense focus on deep breathing while practicing yoga postures was originally meant to balance our autonomic nervous system, which helps our minds be uncolored by thoughts arising out of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, or any array of emotions that push us into (and sometimes get us stuck in) the fight-flight-freeze instinct. Balancing our autonomic nervous system improves our overall well-being (both mind and body), which brings us closer to inner peace.

No matter what the goal of your yoga practice, we can use the yoga hammock to support and enhance your experience.

“I am amazed by the [Unnata] method and the way it is taught, as well as the effect on the body and mind.”

Ivana M., Croatia

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Unnata® Aerial Yoga is the original aerial yoga method created by a yogi, for students (and teachers) who love yoga. The Unnata method weaves use of the hammock into a traditional Hatha Yoga class to enhance and refine a traditional floor yoga practice. Considered more of a “supported” yoga class than an “aerial” yoga class, students unwind old physical patterns, reset their body’s true alignment, and learn deeper body awareness in multi-dimensional space. Unnata Yoga classes ground as much as elevate, and balance both earth and air.

Unnata is real Yoga, elevated.

Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata® Aerial Yoga, is credited with developing the entire genre of aerial yoga. She is an E-RYT 500 certified Yoga instructor of 25 years, while during a large portion of those years also being a professional aerial acrobatics performer. Her most influential Yoga teachers include Dharma Mittra, Alan Finger, Cyndi Lee, Susan Braham and Nishit Patel.

Since its inception in 2006, Unnata Aerial Yoga led the growth of popularity and the continued development of aerial yoga. Today the Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program is world renowned for its high standards, high-quality training. Participants receive large amounts of personalized instruction, and graduates receive a great amount of continuing support.