Beginner Aerial Yoga and More

Explore the Unnata® Method of Yoga in your own home. Unnata Yoga founder, Michelle Dortignac, will guide you through these CREATIVE and FUN classes, using a variety of equipment to achieve spinal decompression, and support your Yoga practice/goals.

Unnata Yoga: Low Hammock Aerial Yoga Series Volume 2

Our most popular class! This is the second series of Unnata Low Hammock Yoga video lessons.

Classes offer a unique balance between restorative yoga and more active yoga flow classes. Each class guides you to notice the subtle movements of breath, energy and thought, and will leave you energized and refreshed.

Foundational Skills and Positions for the Unnata Method

Learn the foundational skills and positions for the Unnata method of Aerial Yoga! This set of videos give you all the tools you need to practice beginner level Unnata Aerial Yoga classes on your own. Loaded with tips and tricks that even seasoned aerial yoga practitioners will find useful, “Unnata Foundations Lessons” launches your aerial yoga practice safely, and with good habits to keep you both healthy and happy!

Unnata Yoga: Low Hammock Aerial Yoga Series

Unnata® Low Hammock Yoga is Aerial Yoga with the hammock hung at knee-height from the floor, as opposed to hip-height from the floor.

Being closer to the floor makes it easier for students to maneuver around the hammock, and is perfect for exploring the more restorative yoga positions when they arise during a class.

Unnata Yoga: Bed/Sofa Yoga Series

Unnata® Bed Yoga is Aerial Yoga without the need for a hanging fabric sling. A regular bedroom bed (or living room sofa) is used throughout the class in place of an aerial yoga hammock.

“I took the Bed Yoga class, and loved it! It was very Yin Yoga like, but also with some challenges.” – Christian S., Malmö, Sweden

Unnata Floor Yoga Longevity Series

Unnata Floor Yoga is a flow yoga class that uses the Unnata method principles of relax, realign and rebuild strength. Unnata Aerial Yoga was originally developed with the intent to enhance and improve one’s floor yoga practice. After studying Unnata Aerial Yoga, many students say, “My floor Yoga has completely changed.”