Jayne Dean

Unnata Training Level 3

Connecticut Aerial Yoga (CAY) opened in Hartford, CT in 2013. CAY was the first to introduce aerial yoga to this region and is currently the only studio in Connecticut to offer Unnata aerial yoga classes. Jayne is a teacher/guide/mentor and life-long student who is passionate about her growth and personal development. Jayne is a practicing somatic psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience. Over the years, Jayne has evolved and refined her approach to healing and transformation through movement, yoga, dance, and somatic psychotherapy.

Jayne is a yogi and an aerial acrobat. Jayne’s interest in somatic psychotherapy led her to study and practice yoga and yoga dance. Jayne’s interest in the aerial arts extends naturally from her time as a competitive gymnast. Jayne is a Kripalu-certified yoga teacher and completed her Hatha yoga training in 2012. Jayne has been studying Unnata aerial yoga since 2014 and completed her Unnata Level 3 training in 2021. Currently, Jayne is developing a method of play therapy that combines the therapeutic powers of play and the circus arts into a unified treatment method for children.

CAY offers quality aerial yoga and recreational aerial arts classes. Our community of instructors is highly credentialed, certified, and passionate about continuing their education through workshops, teacher trainings, and independent learning.

Hartford, CT, USA